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Fairly Fit Food strives to provide you with the freshest and healthiest of food you need on a daily basis. Whether you are having your weekend off and have plenty of time to enjoy a pleasant meal, or you are running late for work, and you want to eat as soon as possible, Fairly Fit Food is your stop. Bring your family or your loved partner and leave the rest to us as we assure you'll be impressed.

Our 10 years of experience taught us that food is the most crucial part of your day. It would be best if you never skipped it and never neglect its quality, no matter how late or in a hurry you are. We have mastered the art of cooking, and now we want to share it with you to make your life easier when it comes to choosing your meal. Browse through our menu, pick what suits you best, and you will be served with quality and taste in no time.

Our team of experts

Axel Borris
Cheif's Assistant

Axel has an MSc degree in 'Red Dish Chronicles' Culinary School in Nigeria and has been a part of our team for 3 years.

Antonela Stiff
The Cheif

With 12 years of personal experience and 8 years as part of our team, Antonela surely knows her way around our kitchen and is always on the move to make sure every plate looks and tastes perfect.

Sophie Morrison
Food Decor

Sophie is a talented artist with a profound passion for cooking. Her talent is making your plate look as though it has been oil-painted.

Our Services

This is what Fairly Fit Food offers.

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With a devoted staff of 18 experts, we are here to save you time and money while enjoying a warm, welcoming, and tasteful experience. Below are some of our featured services:


We offer various beverages ranging from a still, sparkling, and cold to an alcoholic, the best of our self-prepared grape-wine, both red and white.

Family Gathering

Nothing would better suit a good, quality, and warm evening with your family than a tasteful dinner to enjoy

Healthy Food

We prioritize the proteins and other food values and strive to handle your dishes that contain as much as possible.


Everyone needs to eat a healthy lunch during lunch break at work instead of eating fast food. Our staff is at your service providing you a healthy meal in no time.


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