Why is food after gym so important?

I believe that anyone who has un been to the gym knows how hungry you can get after. You can literally eat anything and everything. You crave sweets and salty food, anything delicious really. I personally crave fast food like crazy... I don't eat it, but I crave it. You shouldn't eat any of the above though, it's a huge mistake, especially when you are trying to control your weight or your lifestyle choices.

Why though? Why can't we eat what we want after an intense workout? Don't we deserve it? We worked so hard, burned so many calories and yet we still have to restrict ourselves.

Even if we stay within the suggested amount of calories, we shouldn't eat junk food or anything high in sugar, because sometimes it's not just the calories that count; it's also the fact that what we are eating provides no nutritional value, as well as no vitamins or anything important for our body. No one suggests eating sugar or foods high in sodium, especially doctors, who advise against it in every chance they get.

Our muscles are very sore and sensitive after a nice gym session, so they need proper nutrients to recover better and stronger. Think of your muscles the same as your car or a plant you really like. If you add something other than fuel to your car, it might break down, right?

Same with a plant. If you don't feed it with nice soil and water, it's probably going to dry out. It's almost the same with your muscles without the right nutrition. Too much gym-time might do you more harm than good. I have always thought that the "eat protein after gym" thing was just a myth, but no. I have tried adapting my dishes to what my body needs after a workout session, and I have seen amazing results. I don't feel sore for longer, my muscles recover much faster, and I feel better overall.

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  • I usually eat chicken and rice or some type of vegetable after gym. I have noticed it helps a lot.

  • Of course food is important when it comes to working our and exercising. Protein is the main muscle resource.

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