Creamy Soup Recipe

During the winter, my favourite thing to eat is soup, It's delicious, hot, nutritional, and full of flavour. My favourite one is vegetable soup. I love vegetables because apart from being absolutely delicious, they're amazing for your body. Vegetables contain tons of vitamins, and the daily dose of fruits and veggies per day is at least 5 different ones. I am sharing with you today my favourite recipe: Ingredients:

  • - Olive Oil
  • - Celery
  • - Carrots
  • - Potatoes
  • - Zucchini
  • - Onions
  • - Tomatoes
  • - Boullion Cubes
  • - Parsley

Step 1:

Chop every vegetable into cubes, to your preferred size, I usually cut mine a little bigger so that I put them in the processor later.

Step 2:

In a hot pan add olive oil, onions, and a few chilli flakes - (Stir until golden).

Step 3:

When the onion is golden add the rest of your veggies and mix everything together. If you like you can add some tomato puree or simply tomato sauce.

Step 4:

After the sautéed veggies are ready, you can go ahead and add 2 cups of water and your bullion cubes (to your preference ).

Final Step:

After boiling, add your parsley (finely chopped) and enjoy with some grilled cheese

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  • Soup is a great source of vitamins. And its delicious. This recipe is amazing. Thank you

  • I just recreated this recipe and I loved it, my kids loved it and I am making in every weekend now.

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