Can junk food be healthy?

Junk food is typically free of oil, salt, carbs (bad ones), and very high in calories, but it tastes very good, doesn't it? So how can we possibly enjoy it without feeling the huge guilt and bloating? Sound quite impossible at first, because everything that makes fast food or snacks delicious is bad and harmful for you. Don't worry, though.

There is a solution, of course! I am a big fan of chips and sweets (of all kinds), so through the years, I have mastered some amazing recipes. Some I got from my friends, some I saw online, and some I simply created from the scratch cause of a specific need or desire I had for a dish or a snack.

1.Dehydrated veggies (or baked)

You need vegetables (to your preference) and a pinch of salt. Cut the veggies into very thin slices, dry out any water and place them into an oven rack place them in the oven (or dehydrator if you own one) until they look brown and crispy. You can season them with anything you want; I prefer mine with salt and some black pepper. I also make an artichoke dip so that I eat the same as I would some normal chips.

2.Power Sweets

This is my favourite snack to indulge on without feeling guilty. You need dates (remove the seeds), coconut oil and shavings, and almonds. Get your food processor and add in there your dates, oil, and process it until you get a thick consistency. Roll them into balls and also coat them with coconut shavings. Put them in the fridge for 2 hours and enjoy!

3.Cauliflower Pizza

I love this recipe so much cause it's a brilliant idea. All you need is some cauliflower, sauce, cheese, and ham. You grate the cauliflower very thinly with a cheese grater and then add it to a pizza pan while pressing on it hard to create a crust-like consistency. You bake that for 10 mins and afterward start adding your ingredients. I add sauce, cheese, and then some ham on top. I am telling you it's absolutely amazing.

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  • Vegetable chips. Such a brilliant idea. Its an amazing way to incorporate healthy food into your lifestyle

  • Dates are a great sweet alternative to desserts. They are filling and low in calories.

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